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Vegan Life. A range of flavored non-dairy cheese, cream and many more internationally award winning products. Flavors such as mozzarella, parmesan, edam, cheddar, feta, gouda with hot peppers and vegan cream free of soya, nut dairy, gluten and coconut oil. We manufacture in Greece, and we are currently supply Europe and U.S. We comply with the highest standards of manufacturing. We are the only company that has been certified and accredited by the Vegan Australian Organization for complying with the Vegan Australian standards.

Our basic ingredients are: Olive oil extract, Coconut oil, Water, Salt, Flavourings, Tapioca starch, Modified Potato Starch

Free of : Soya, Gluten, Nut, Dairy, Lactose, Palm oil

When you consume meat, eggs, and dairy products, you could be consuming known carcinogens, bacteria, and other harmful contaminants that accumulate in the body and have the ability to remain there for years. Eating a plant-based vegan diet can help to avoid some of these dangerous toxins.

Cutting meat and dairy out of your diet and consuming healthy, minimally processed plant-based foods may be a good way to give your skin what it needs to glow.

Many of the foods that have been linked to better concentration are plant-based. Seeds, green vegetables such as broccoli, and dark leafy greens are just a few that make the list. There are many ways that consuming a plant-based vegan diet may improve athletic performance, as well as reducing inflammation, speeding up recovery, and decreasing the risk of chronic disease.

Switch4Good, a plant-based nonprofit, boasts a large number of Olympic athletes that thrive on plant-based vegan diets. Researchers from the University of Mauritius revealed findings in 2018 that suggest that people who do not consume animal flesh are less likely to get food poisoning than those who do.

Avoid Toxins. When you consume meat, eggs, and dairy products, you could be consuming known carcinogens and bacteria. Eating a plant-based vegan diet can boost your mood. Plant foods are high in antioxidants that help to eliminate Bad Cholesterol.

Global Vegan Awards hosted by LUXlife

AMBROSIA SPECIALITY FOODS PTY LTD / VEGAN LIFE are among this years’ Global Vegan champions and have been awarded:


Best Vegan Cheese Range 2021 (Australia): Vegan Life